Green Avo Smoothie – 7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

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Avocado in a smoothie isn’t exactly the most common thing, but trust me on this one! Avocado adds a creamy satisfactory component to certain smoothies and is the perfect addition to this one. Avocado is full of healthy fats, protein and B vitamins. A powerhouse for sure! Green Avo Smoothie Ingredients: • 1 fresh or…

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Pina Colada Smoothie – 7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

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If you are looking for a light tasting, refreshing and palette resetting smoothie this one fits the bill. The tropical fruits and greens marry perfectly together creating a balance that is fresh and tasty. Pina Colada Smoothie Ingredients:  2 cups frozen pineapple  1 cup coconut water  1 cup canned coconut milk  1 banana, peeled  2…

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Cherry Berry Orange Blossom Smoothie – 7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

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This recipe should be called the lip smacker because it is lip smacking good! It is the perfect blend of antioxidant rich ingredients that will not only satisfy your taste buds but will leave your whole body nourished on a deep cellular level. The spinach and dates are full of iron which the orange helps…

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Chocolate Monkey Smoothie – 7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

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This is a smoothie that you almost feel guilty drinking because it is so good it feels like it can not possibly be good for you. That is one of the many perks of living the Grounded Nutrition Lifestyle, the recipes are delicious, and good for you at the same time!  Chocolate Monkey Smoothie  Ingredients:…

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Green Machine Smoothie – 7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

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The Green Machine Smoothie is a great beginner smoothie as it has just the perfect amount of sweetness. This smoothie is loaded with nutrients that are sure to keep your immune system in check, your bowels moving and your energy levels high. The combination of these ingredients will keep you full and satisfied, but energized…

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5 Holiday Tips to Save Your Waistline


Happy Holidays! As a gift to you, I’ve decided to share 5 tips to make socializing over this next week easier on you and your waistline! This time of year can and should be relaxing, fun, and enjoyable. You should be able to enjoy the company you are with without worrying about totally destroying your healthy eating…

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Purple Cabbage Delight Juice – 7 Day Juice Challenge

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You may be thinking that cabbage juice is going to taste awful, but I can promise you that it actually has a surprisingly nice flavour! Aside from that, cabbage juice is extremely healing and cleansing for your body. A member of the brassica family, cabbage contains sulfur compounds. These sulfur compounds help to support liver…

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Digestion Soother Juice – 7 Day Juice Challenge

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Ginger is absolutely a digestive system healing super star. It is actually one of the oldest remedies in the book for nausea and vomiting, and we now know that it can do even more than that! Ginger is known as a carminative herb, meaning that it will cleanse the digestive tract as well as healing…

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