Vegetarian paella with corn

Healthy Rice-A-Roni Recipe

Have you ever had Rice-A-Roni? This is a dish that I used to eat in my childhood, and I have to admit it is pretty darn tasty. It is a mix of toasted rice and pasta - generally with some seasonings and some optional veggies. It is salty, savoury, crunchy and delicious. It is also…

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Day 14/14 | Whitney's Juice Cleanse

You may have noticed my cleanse has gone from 31 days to 14. After some serious contemplation I've decided it was best for me to break my fast early. I really felt I got exactly what I needed out of this experience after 14 days. This last 2 weeks has been a very intense time…

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Neil's Yam Casserole dinner fresh from our waterless cookware pots.

Day 12 and 13/14 | Whitney's Juice Cleanse

I don't have too much to report about my last two days. Most of my days were spent only drinking water and letting my body fully recover from the bladder infection I had. The good news is that I've kicked the infection and am on the mend! I didn't take many pictures the past 2…

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Day 11/14 | Whitney's Juice Cleanse

I woke up this morning feeling a lot stronger. There was no more burning sensation in my bladder or urethra, which was surprising to me. I think I actually caught this infection early enough to treat it naturally. I did my best to rest a lot today. We took the dogs for our normal morning…

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Can You Heal with Whole Foods?

Day 10/14 | Whitney's Juice Cleanse

Man oh man has this been an interesting few months. I have gone through so much. My mom had a really big health scare and broke her back, I took an unexpected trip to Sask to be with my family during the trying time, GN has been extremely busy and I've been running on all…

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Day 9/14 | Whitney's Juice Cleanse

Today has been my toughest day so far. It hasn't been terrible but I was fairly low every and just didn't feel 100%. I honestly think that my week has caught up with me. I've been in GO mode since last Friday. GN has been very busy, my personal life has been crazy and I…

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Day 8/14 | Whitney's Juice Cleanse

We got up this morning, caught up on our missed work from yesterday then headed to a new dog park with the pups. We had the 13 acre dog park all to ourselves. Neil played fetch with Mango and Roo and Phoebe and Laddie chased each other around and sniffed things! We also walked the…

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Neil's Yam Casserole dinner fresh from our waterless cookware pots.

Day 7/14 | Whitney's Juice Cleanse

We woke up this morning feeling great. We did our usual routine but on our way home from the lake with the dogs our world was flipped upside down when we saw our worst nightmare. Our beloved cat Joe was dead on the side of the road. He was hit by a car and died…

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