No, this is not a diet... it's a lifestyle!

Experience diet-free weight loss without deprivation... Learn step-by-step exactly what to eat, how to cleanse and heal the body, while finding your natural weight, and balanced lifestyle...


I want to share with you the TRUTH about health transformation...

Our high-stress lifestyles, and low quality food choices have led many of us down a path of weight gain and obesity, hormonal imbalances, stress and anxiety, thyroid and adrenal issues, and many other health problems.

I have seen enough unnecessary suffering and have made it my mission to help end this problem...

I have helped thousands of people just like yourself, find their natural weight, re-balance their bodies and even maintain healthy results long-term... no matter how fast your metabolism, what you've experienced in the past, or what your genetics are...

This may seem a little unbelievable to you, so I am going to share with you how I can help you find your natural weight and create a healthy and balanced lifestyle, without starving you or fitting you into a box.

I want to to know if you are ready to change your eating and lifestyle habits and transform your health?

But first let me introduce myself...

What Others Are Saying About The Course...

The Grounded Basics course really taught me that there is so much more to life than what I had been accepting it to be. I wish the course was longer only because I enjoyed learning so much, and interacting with everyone! Grounded Nutrition has delicious recipes, and shows you can make any kind of meal you love into a healthy version. I feel a lot more confident about who I am and more clear about what I believe in. Whitney is a great inspiration that you can feel comfortable to talk to and I would recommend EVERYONE to take  the course!

Kristin Colby
Kristin Colby

A BIG Thank you to Whitney Paige for doing this for all of us!! This is truly incredible and life changing and I can't thank you enough for giving us all of this information. You are inspiring!


Awesome! It was so great. You are truly an inspiration Whitney and I Thank God every day for leading me to you!

Donna Lee
Donna Lee

Whitney - For the first time in my long life, since I connected with you, my weight has dropped and has remained dropped!!! I look forward to getting up each morning, I now enjoy dressing and fitting into my clothes comfortably. You are communicating well and I love what you are doing!


The experience so far has been amazing. I opened myself like a sponge to everything that Whitney had been talking about. None of the changes were earth  shattering and it was made very clear that change takes time. Now I have crazy amounts of energy in a day, my memory is better and this constant fog that I have been living with is gone. I am leading by example for my family and they are following along which makes it so much easier. I wish everyone would know how good this feels and how they could do it too! I cannot thank Whitney and the rest of the    Grounded Team enough for what they have done with me and will continue to do in the future.

Lindsay Heynen
Lindsay Heynen

So how did I figure this out?

As I child I was very ill. The doctor labeled me with many illnesses over the years, and my health was only getting worse.

I picked up my first nutrition book, made some fairly drastic changes, and experienced immediate results.

For the first time in my life I had a new found energy, a clear mind, clear skin, was way less moody, and overcame chronic illness and constipation!!

This was a big deal for me at the time, and I knew I was on to something.

I was following everything that I learned to a 'T'.

But I wasn't as healthy as I could be, and I knew something was missing...

I hadn't been focusing on the ROOT CAUSE of my health problems... I had only been covering them up with an array of healthy foods, FAD diets, and supplements.

This realization was HUGE and is literally the reason why I am doing what I am today.

After examining common trends with my clients and in our society, I was able to connect the dots.

With years of passionate practice and experience, I knew I had found the solution to many of societies health problems.

The root cause to the rampant rise of health problems, lack of energy and weight gain in our culture is linked to 4 main reasons.

The 4 main causes of your health problems...

  • 1

    Diet Mentality

    The major media outlets, and the ‘dieting’ industry have seriously damaged our relationship with food and our bodies, especially women. It has created a never ending inner battle of striving to a place of health and beauty that is completely unrealistic. By changing the way we look at food and healthy eating, and ending the patterns of behaviour that this paradigm has created… You can end the battle with food, your health and your body… FOREVER!

  • 2

    Toxins in our Body

    We are absorbing harmful toxins from our environment all day long. They are in our food, indoor and outdoor air, tap water, clothing, bed sheets, body care products, air fresheners and I could go on and on. This is creating a ‘back-up’ in our bodies and is a huge contributor to many of our bodily symptoms and illnesses.

  • 3

    Overworked Digestion

    Not only do the toxins hinder our digestive systems, so do our cultural eating habits and lifestyle choices. We miscombine foods, eat on the go, eat too much processed junk, eat too late at night, binge eat, and are chronically dehydrated, which all lead to unnecessary digestive stress. The condition of the body on the inside will reflect on the outside, and our digestive system is a key component to this equation.

  • 4

    High-Stress Lifestyles

    Every choice we make affects our health either positively or negatively… and there are a lot of choices that make up a day. Unfortunately, the fundamental needs of our bodies are rarely met. Simple habits like hydration, exercise, relaxation, sleep time, fun and play, family time etc. are often overlooked, but are necessary to good health.

When you address these issues, your life will change forever...

When I say words like diet... healthy eating... weight loss... How do they make you feel??

Probably not the best... Right?!?

Many of our beliefs and habits around our food and lifestyle choices are not supporting us.

By discovering how to cleanse your body and transform your health with great tasting recipes and new daily habits, and how to create a new relationship with food... you can look and feel your best!

Imagine feeling balanced inside and outside of your body and not feeling guilty about the food you eat, and knowing you are on a very healthy path...

If these beautiful people can do it... then you can too!

You CAN become that super healthy, happy, and balanced person that you’ve always dreamed of, and it is not far out of your reach!

It takes a lot of courage and commitment to change your eating and lifestyle habits, but the benefits and results make the effort SO worth while. I've seen so many people make the shift and I KNOW you can too!

Not only can you lose weight, get clear eyes and skin, reduce inflammation, and eliminate most bodily symptoms, but by BEING the healthy example the most important people in your life will also benefit.

The Grounded Basics Online Course will empower you to take control of your health and reach your goals.

Clear the confusion and learn step-by-step exactly how to find your natural weight, transform your health, feel balanced and confident about your lifestyle, and GLOW from the inside out!

The 6-week intensive Grounded Basics Nutrition Course you will help you...

  • Feel balanced, confident and happy with your lifestyle, find your natural weight, and experience a life of guilt-free eating.

  • Eliminate bodily symptoms such as; excess weight, damaged skin, hair and nails, water retention and bloating, inflammation and muscle soreness, migraines and headaches, anxiety, and on and on... all while loving life and without depriving yourself!

  • Create delicious healthy recipes that will blow your taste buds out of the water and leave you and your family wanting more!

  • Start in the right direction and transition to whole food eating habits learning the tools to not feel like a failure or fall back into your old habits and routine, but instead get right back on track

  • Learn what to eat, when to eat it and where to find it to ensure that you are putting the best possible food in your body and the best possible times to trigger the bodies natural cleansing process and help you lose weight effortlessly!

  • Understand the basic nutritional needs of the body and where to source the necessary requirement of protein, nutrients, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, oxygen, hydration and all components the body needs to thrive at an optimal level

  • Re-gain trust with your body and yourself, by re-connecting to and understanding its needs on a much deeper level.

  • Cleanse the body on a cellular level, of those nasty toxins

  • Nurture your body with everything it needs to re-balance and heal from the inside out

  • Apply simple holistic health habits to your daily routine helping maintain high levels of energy all day long..

  • Implement the fundamental health habits that are key to sustained long term results

  • Be planned, prepared, and organized in the kitchen and at the grocery store, so you don't ever have to feel overwelmed, waste time you don't have, or go over the monthly food budget again!

  • Be accountable to take ACTION with everything I teach you and apply it into your daily routine, not fall back into old habits, and experience a life long health transformation

  • Step into your most vibrant, healthy self!

Weekly Topics - Group Sessions

  • Each week has a 1.5 hr recorded group coaching session.
  • The sessions are live recorded video stream. You are guided by Whitney through the presentation and worksheets.
  • Upon registering you will receive an email with access to the course. You will have UNLIMITED 1 YEAR access to the course.

Course Material - The Grounded Basics eBook Series

NOTE: The Grounded Basics eBook series are in digital format only. You will NOT receive a hard copy version. You will receive the eBooks by Email and will be able to instantly download to your computer, iPhone or iPad.

BONUS - 30 Day Fall/Winter Meal Plan

This meal plan is hands down amazing!!!

The meal plan is designed to help make it as easy as possible for you to transition to healthier eating habits, and save you tons of time in the kitchen and money at the grocery store.

It includes the clean eating guidelines, meal plan, 150+ recipes, weekly shopping lists, prep tips, Whole foods 'Swaps' guide and much more!

The recipes are family approved, simple to make, and easy to integrate into any lifestyle.

*NOTE: The meals plans are not mandatory to follow throughout the course. I will teach you how to realistically use these meal plans to your advantage and how to set yourself up for success. They are simply just a tool to use and in this course you will learn how to make them work for you!

How is this course any different from other online courses??

This 6-week intensive online course is a result of my private work with thousands of people over the years. It combines holistic nutrition, health coaching, meal plans, healthy delicious recipes, shopping lists and MORE in a simple to follow format that will FOREVER change your life.

This course addresses the ROOT CAUSE of your health problems and weight gain issues instead of putting another Band-aid on the problem. AND it does it while you still enjoy your favorite foods.

This simple, step-by-step course is a sustainable holistic approach to weight loss and healing the body. It reveals realistic, practical, step-by-step information that you can implement in your busy lifestyle to start seeing results immediately.

There is no other online nutrition course that has the potential to transform your health than this course does, but only if you are ready and truly want it bad enough.

Let’s review the course outline…

The Grounded Basics Online Nutrition Course includes:

  • 6 sessions for a total of 9 hours of live group coaching (worth $997)
  • The Grounded Basics eBook Series (worth $97)
  • BONUS The 30 Day Fall/Winter Meal Plan (worth $97)

If you add these up, you are getting more than $1000 worth of coaching, training, and support!

How much is your Health worth?

This training course is my lifetime of hard work packed into an intensive 6-week online course that my one-on-one clients pay thousands for.

However, the Grounded Basics Nutrition course is a digital version of having me by your side literally every step of the way for the 6-week transformation.

There are so many diets, pills and products out there that you could go waste your money on, and you probably have in the past. But you know where that will get you…

Together we can find your natural weight and balanced healthy lifestyle...

I’m passionate about helping you lose weight, feel better, and find balance in your life because I believe that is my strength and purpose in my life as a transformation coach and nutritionist. And that is why you can register for the Grounded Basics online nutrition course for only $197

Start the course whenever you'd like, get instant access to 30 Day Fall/Winter Meal Plan, all eBooks, and all 6 weeks of the live session video recordings and worksheets which you can take at your own pace!

Get Instant Access to the Online Course Right Here...

Risk free 30 day money back guarantee

Look and feel your best for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day...

For less than the amount for a meal at a fast food restaurant on your lunch break or your morning coffee, you can transform your health with me!

By applying the training from this course you will no longer want to buy things like fast food or your morning coffee because you will start to crave what is good for you, and you will have so much energy in the mornings you won’t know what to do with it all.

Many other small expenses decrease overtime as well. You don’t need as much make up because your skin will naturally start glowing, cologne and body care products become less necessary, restaurant food becomes less appetizing… and I could go on and on…

And inside the Grounded Basics Nutrition Course, you’re going to get all kinds of tips to save money on food and groceries to keep you satisfied…

So you will actually save money in the long run… on your way to a vibrant, healthy body!

If you are ready to start making the best choices for your health, feel happy with your body and the food you eat, and confident day in and day out with your healthy lifestyle... then this course is the perfect next step for you to take!

Yes, I am ready to learn how to transition to a healthier lifestyle with Registered Nutritionist and Health Coach Whitney Paige!

Start the course whenever you'd like, get instant access to the 30 day meal plan and eBooks, and take it at your own pace as you get instant access to all 6 weeks of the live session video recordings and worksheets!

Get Instant Access to the Online Course Right Here...

Risk free 30 day money back guarantee

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