5 Tips to Improve Your Fitness


Fitness is what originally inspired me to pursue health seriously. To this day, I still love to workout and get active. For me this ranges from hiking, swimming, yoga, callisthenics, running, martial arts. Health is one of my passions and I find fitness is an essential part of health, therefore it takes top priority in my life. The benefits of moderate activity are huge! Some of the health benefits I notice include: clarity of mind, better rest, increased mobility, higher energy, and I am able to eat more meaning I can get more nutrition into my body.


As I have done countless workouts and over 12 years playing sports and training in martial arts, I thought I would share a few tips I love to integrate into my fitness routines.


Tip #1

Exercise outdoors in the sun and fresh air! This is a great way to get some Vitamin D into the system, along with increasing oxygen intake and blood circulation. I try to get outdoors for as many of my workouts as possible.


Tip #2

Workout with friends or family. Getting active with friends and relatives is a great way to spend time together while increasing everyone’s health and well being. I try to make sure that I get active at family gatherings inviting everyone to join me for a walk or game outside. And one of my favourite things to do with my buddies is hit up the gym or park for a good workout.


Tip #3

PLAY! I am always surprised how much more effort I will put into playing a game or sport than I will when I am simply lifting or jogging. I find that playing can create dynamic work outs and often engages many more aspects of fitness than simply doing a routine. Some things to try are: tight rope walking, mini soccer, juggling, ultimate frisbee, and anything else you truly enjoy.


Tip# 4

Join a workout group, running club, sports team, or attend a new class! I find this to be a great way to meet new people, learn new skills, expand abilities, and test myself. Some things that I have done are yoga classes, health retreats, martial arts classes and seminars, and created a workout group. Things I would like to do are: try a free running class, new forms of martial arts, different types of yoga, and many I have not thought of yet!


Tip # 5

Listen and trust the body. My experience has shown me that my body usually knows what it is doing, and when I choose to override or ignore its messages there is usually a price to pay. I have learned that for my body: painmeans stop or slow down; tiredness and soreness means I need more rest; lack of enthusiasm is a sign of overtraining; and a sense of calm and well being is a sign I am on the right track. I have learned many lessons in this area and the biggest one is to pay attention and learn my bodies signals.


Tip #6

Before a workout I make sure that I haven’t eaten in at least an hour so my body is not trying to digest while I amexercising, and 15-20 minutes beforehand I drink as much water as I care for. I also make sure I prepare my post workout meal before I start so I can come back and be ready to eat when I am tired and my body needs quick replenishing.


What are some of your favorite ways to exercise Any tips? Leave you comments below!

Kevin Ferrier

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